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Thread: The Hill Family Karl Williams Part 14

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    Default The Hill Family Karl Williams Part 14

    “A Little History" Part 14 - The Hill Racing Family - California

    A long informative phone call (2-1/2 hrs +) with Ron Hill this past Tuesday afternoon resulted in a lot of information on the Hill family of racers. As I have ran into before asking a question about Ron Hill quickly turns into a story about other family members or racers. From my 2-1/2 hours + on the phone I have one page of notes. A book could have been written on everyone else he talked about on Tuesday. Fortunately, there are links on Boat Racing Facts and Forums with great detail on the family racing history. A lot of great photos included in the link below. I’m sure there will be “additional information” on the Hill family in later “a little history” parts.
    Ron started racing in 1955 with an AU and Merc KG4. In October of 1949 his dad Russ Hill bought 22 Johnson K series pump powerhead used during the war. He would cut off the long crankshafts as part of the conversion for outboard racing turned them essentially into KR’s. This engine was run on a Fillinger hydro. Russ Hill, Jr. won the 1949 Hearst Regatta at Long Beach. 32 "A" Hydros ran at one time. Ron and the 19-C Morehouse Runabout made it on the Mickey Mouse Club newsreel.

    1960 - 1973 in Needles he won The Needles Marathon, usually 115 miles, non stop. In 1966, Ron won CU & DU Marathon Nationals classes and again in DU, 1968. Ron won every Needles Marathon from 1969 til it stopped in 1973, except 1968 when h was racing with Ted May in the Six Hours of Paris, France.

    1962 Ron finished high school and went on to college, graduating in 1966 and teaching for 38 years.

    Ron and Fred Hauenstein raced Parker, Arizona 9 Hour, together from 1967, 68, 69 ND `1978 (WINNING 1ST OVERALL).

    In 1969 he started the prop businessm AKA Signature Propellers and Hill Marine Products. On August 2, 1977 (43 years ago) Ron made his first inboard prop, his son and partner, Chad Hill, was born that day. Ron has a daughter who is 47 and has taught for 27 years and two sons. Chad 43, and Broc 31.

    1977 was the last year Ron raced in the stock outboard classes. Ron raced MOD VP til 1989.

    Ron's family has been out of boat racing for 9 years due to the lack of races in California and safety issues. He and his grandson are involved in car racing in California. Grandson, is currently in second place in point is Lucas Oil's series. His class is for 6-12, there are 70 cars in his class.

    The prop business continues to grow and update equipment for their world wide sales under the leadership of Ron’s son. Hill Marine made 7,000 propellers last year and are currently 76% A HEAD OF LAST YEAR'S PRODUCTION.

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