Addendums:Part 5 - Jones - ODea Red Head - this will be at the bottom as the Vic Scott advertisement is large.Part 6 - Grove, Oklahoma - man and wife driving in the same race - Fred Mathews and his wife drove in the same class C-Service Runabout July 1958 at Tonawanda, N.Y. on the Niagara River.

Part 9 - Ron France

In 1950 Ron started his racing career at age 15 in A hydro. When the Mercury KG4 was the only engine used in the class. Speeds started out at approximately 45 mph and eventually reached 64 mph before the engine was no longer allowed in the class. Ron did quit racing for awhile and returned during the 1960s and retired after Wakefield in 2011. He won five National Championships in Canada and became a member of the CBF Hall of Champions in 2014.

Ron built his own hydros and his sons hydros and runabouts throughout his career not to mention his own engines. His sons Ken and Gary run both hydro and runabout 2 cylinder classes after starting their careers in J hydro.

Ron started building his own props in about 1961-62. Before 3 blade blanks were available he would cut two blade props apart and build a three blade prop. According to Ted Abel the first one he did for him was outstanding.

Ron being a tool designer (engineer) for an aerospace company provided a means for he and wife Pat to raise two sons and enjoyed a 37 year boat racing career. His contribution for helping others and helping with the races is well known.

In 1976 at St. Timothy, Quebec Ron set the 5 mile competition record at 53.7 mph with his KG-4. This was his favorite accomplishment in racing. In 2000 he won the Formula A APBA Nationals at Wakefield, Michigan.

At current age 85 he is waiting for the next race to advise/help where he still provides a positive presence.

Stock and alky drivers in Canada were not scheduled together except for a very few races so my contact with a lot of stock outboard drivers was limited. When we were on the same schedule the name Ron France was well known. A soft spoken guy with immaculate, fast equipment and he could start and drive a racing boat. His attention to detail on the engines, boats and props was not accidental.

There was a period when Ron France, Ted Abel and John Webster had the stock outboard classes covered at the races they attended.