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Thread: China Virus: California Style 2/14/21

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    Default China Virus: California Style 2/14/21

    I actually was one of the best students in the K-8 school system in Arithmetic...

    Tomorrow, Laurie and I are getting our second vaccine shot..

    California Facts:

    I was looking at the numbers:

    46,435 deaths!

    Pandemic started January 30, 2020!

    That would be 365 days plus 14 (2/14/21).

    5,768,684 have been vaccinated.

    So 46,435 dead, divided by 379 days is 122 per day dead.

    411 died yesterday.

    How is it the pandemic is now being under control?

    What has the 5,768,684 shots done?

    I don't get it! When I was a kid, 122 was less than 411! Maybe, someone can explain!

    Picture was for attention only. Mac McCune, Havasu 1967.
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    Simple averages can be deceiving. The numerical average over 379 days of 122 deaths each day you list says nothing about the variation of daily death totals during the 379 days. The 122 average would be further explained by the standard deviation of the data or graphically by a plot of the daily totals to see the daily ups and downs.

    What is the real accurate death count of ONLY Covid deaths and not other terminal physical issues but listed as Covid on the Death certificate for _____ reasons?

    As far as the Covid pandemic being under control that is still open for discussion and time might reveal? Nature knows.
    " Three may keep a secret if two of them are dead" Ben Franklin

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