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Thread: Joe Swift Hydroplane ?

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    Default Joe Swift Hydroplane ?

    Not to sure if this is the right place to ask about this, if not let me know where I should be posting it. I have a Joe swift hydroplane with a Mercury D Mark 40 H that was my father in laws it has been in storage for about 45 years I just managed to dig it out of the shed and was wondering if anyone could tell me what it may be worth. I would like to sell it since I don't have the room to store it and I will never use it here. I live in Calgary Canada. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Nice condition. Look back on Hydroracer I posted some info there.
    I guess the drain holes were top side to drain boat bottom up. Not very convenient during race day with engine mounted ready for next heat?
    Were those Swift hydros sealed on the underside of the deck plywood? They were constructed with Weldwood water based glue. My builds back in the days before epoxy was available I brushed on the deck underside with Weldwood water based glue used for the assembly.
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    Default C-D-F-X Swifh Hydro: Nailed together, "S" Bottom

    My brother went in the Army in 1953, he had a Neal Hydro, but I I no memory of us selling it. I do have memory of the hydro being unloaded in our driveway, in early 1955. The Swift said, "C-D-F-X". My dad had a "Short Rod" 4-60 "F" with a bronze torque Tube that he planned to run "F" Hydro. He had a KG-9 and a Mark 40 for my brother to race in D Stock Hydro, and of course we'd race our Evinrude 60-42 Six Stud in C Hydro.

    I don't think there were many Short Rod "F" motors as I think they came out of Storm King Evinrudes rather than racing Evinrude.

    Chuck was "HOT" in F Runabout, though my dad did not have the motor for sale, Chuck went to my dad and mom's house and offered my dad a ton of money for the motor. My dad sold it, the moor did well for Chuck!

    I already was testing my AU and I think my dad thought, probably when Jr. gets home from the Army and Ronnie racing, I won't have time to be racing. My father was also, 48 years old.

    When my brother got home from the Army we started testing. We always washed all the gas and oil out of our boats and turned them over. The main transom of a Swift was 15 degrees, I think but both side sloped forward. The only way to get water out of the boat was turn it over. Thus, the top drain holes.

    I those days we always ran back to back heats, so if you had water in your boat it stayed there. No time to drain it anyway!

    Thanks for the memories, the boat is really clean for being about a 1955 boat.

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