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Thread: 1000 hydro

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    Default Valleyfield...1983

    JEFF . good to hear from you...l didn't make it out that first heat when it was soooo rough...l got out in heat #2 that was run at about 6 or 7pm.Yes my boat was built from a set of dave's frames. lt was going to be his 1st stock boat...DSH ..but deal fell through.l lengthened it to 13ft.& used (spelling?)
    Brunzell aquapan Regina rotary cut dark plywood.Very nice !!! Got boat back 4 yrs. ago.Had to paint top decks...but bottom is still org. varnish.Yes l remember trying to get past that dam merc.Couldn't let 500 koing get beat buy a merc.Don"t remember who won..Would love to see video!!!

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    Since 1925, about 150 different racing outboards have been made.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dave dalton
    JEFF . good to hear from you...l didn't make it out that first heat when it was soooo rough...l got out in heat #2 that was run at about 6 or 7pm.

    I was out in heat 1 and 2.
    Heat 1 was really stupid, we shouldn't have been out there. Someone coulda' got hurt in water like that.
    I was chopping waves in my Marchetti......1/2 under, 1/2 over. A big one got me right in the melon in turn 2 and flipped my shield up, by the time I reached up to get it, another one got me right in the eyes and blinded me.
    the engine took a load as well, but I kept it running. With my hand off the wheel trying to clear my eyes out, I finally gave it up and killed the engine. Good thing I did cause' I was about 20' from shore headed right towards the spectators.

    Heat 2 I got a lousy start, but the water was good. Everyone was running way outside where the "Decent" water was in heat 1. At the start of the 2nd lap, I went from 2nd last to 2nd place. I was 3/4's of the way through the turn right behind Henk Engles when I saw this big wave outa' nowhere heading towards my right side. I ducked as low as I could, but the boat hooked and I got thrown out. The heat was stopped and re-run.

    Best place to do it I guess, right in front of the grandstands!

    I didn't get out for the re-start.

    Yes, Henk won that day-------and went on to win high points that year as well in FGP. The next year I got serious and bought a new Pugh and a 700cc Konig.
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