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Thread: Wings

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    No need to guess, here are the direct quotes from Bob Switzer:

    In 1961, the Switzer (U4) wing was a major breakthrough in the twin engine Stock Outboard Pleasure Craft Class U. (Unlimited engines but required to be a minimum of 15 feet in length.) The first Switzer Wing was built in 9 days, just prior to the [1961] Winnebago Outboard pleasure craft event, where the Switzer Craft Wing finished first overall
    started making an 18 ft. version in 1965, there were 42 of the 18's made in all. And, a couple of years later, we tooled up a 20 footer, with a lower profile wing that was actually ahead of it's time. It actually needed faster engines. There were only 20 of the 20 footers made in all.
    I think the fire was around 1968 ... That's why there were only 20 20's ... but they had excess stock of 20's at the time and had no reason to rebuild the molds. By the time the last 20 was sold, they were being outclassed by twin Moli's that could both fly and turn.

    There were 5 wooden Wings before the 18's. Grand total of 67.
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    Since 1925, about 150 different racing outboards have been made.

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