Some old Merc dealers hang on to parts way past any reason, forgotten in some back shed. A known dealer around here who has been out of the game and retired for over 2 decades trashed for scrap metal for cents on a pound some 100+ 20/40/60 cubic inch 1950s and 60s brand new boxed Merc pistons with wrist pins and piston rings that were in standard bore and .015 overbore sizes because none of the dealers wanted to buy any parts that were not current or older than 15 years. This long held parts stocks were legends that in this case was for real until 2005 when the new old parts went to scrap recycling. Looks like we are a year too late. There is a lot of news about interests out of the USA combing these woods for Merc parts stock as well as more current used engines and powerheads and getting lots..........but lots of what?