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Thread: APBA'S Tri Hull Class's Secrets...

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    Default APBA'S Tri Hull Class's Secrets...

    Truth is, there is really two thoughts about OPCand maybe the Divisison should be split...The two Divisions are:


    2. We're GRASSROOTS having fun

    I REALLY won't take sides....but I'd like to see Tri Hull become a NATIONAL CLASS for 2007.......

    Here are TRI HULLS SECRETS REVEALED TO I plan to have a Tri Hull or Tri next year..

    Hey Ron,

    A lot of builders copied the v166 glastron
    delmajic and galaxie didnt even change the sides to get rid of the classic glastron indented v look where they did the 2 color line

    main things on motors are:

    1. To have the 3 ram mid section,,,faster working and dont bleed down from the pressure
    2. the newer ignition system
    3. 115 blocks have the 140 portwork,,,just need carbs and 140 ex tuner

    1978 135 has the best ports and carbs,,but need to change ignition,,and have to make some brackets to hold the new style stuff ,,, and put on the 3 ram mid section,,,have to modify shifting to work on the 135 block

    all 140s work as is,,,,,,,,

    if want 135=140 to run better,,,plastic reeds,,,,notch piston skirts on intake side to match intake slot,clean intake side of block castings,round and smooth,D port the intake and exhaust ports(dont raise) weisco pistons,cut heads,drill some holes in the mid for ex relief,,,cut thermostats and run water lines like a merc
    plug up upper holes of water pickup and grind water pathway down towards bullet to raise motor a bit more,,,install pointed nosecone
    (no low water pickup allowed)

    with these minor modifications
    the motor will tun 6,500-7,000
    have all the power needed,,,,and stay running to finish
    guys here run the same motor all year
    I havent seen 1 blow in a long time

    Tony Terry's son had his throttle stick wide open when he got hit on his motor,,,,and would not shut off,,,,,it ran in neutral for minimum 5 minutes wide open till got cowling off and shoved his shirt over the carbs,,,,,,,fixed throttle and wiring,,,raced next heat,,,not bad,,,,



    Hey Ron,

    The old 100s were way back,
    the carbs, ports are ok, but not able to put the 140 ex stuffers in cavity, unless do a lot of machine work to be able to use the bubble tuner and the mid has the old external trim,that don't hold well.

    Most 115s have the machined surface in the ex cavity to install the stuffers to convert to 140

    But for starting and not spending much on the motor
    cannot go wrong to have fun.

    A guy here is running a 115 and not much off the top guys pace
    the 140 just gives motor more breathing for down the straights.

    The best hull is the V166 the 15' ers have blunt nose and have tendacy to follow waves in the corners and roll on side. 17'ers work good but extra boat slows down too much in corners and takes longer to get back going.

    I can fill you in on the motor part combinations that work the best
    and things to do to make them scream.

    But a stock 140, works well as is when you get the right you know with any boat
    and stock will run and run and run.

    Thanks John for the "SECRETS"...

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    Default secrets

    hey ron,,,
    not really secrets,,,,
    just some fine tuning,,,,,
    some have built up hard running motors,,,but dont finish,,,

    the motors that are just cleaned up to smoothly flow air/fuel stay running
    and have the low end power to pull through the corners and out

    just like any class,,,,,the motor is only 1 part of the equasion
    we have 13-15 boats on the average in a heat,,,after 2 laps the water is so
    rough that high rpm dont matter,,cannot use it all,, balanced right , prop and guts gets you around the course

    its a blast,,,pure fun racing,,,,with hard core competition

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    Default Jimbo and I Were Talking....

    "SECRETS"... Bobby Unser...Al Stoker......Roger Penske..."The Harder I work, the luckier I get..." Roger Jenkins, Texas Oilman, once said, "I', a geologist...and I get lucky. The more I figure out where to drill the lickier I get."

    Truth is when I say "SECRETS" I know there are no "SECRETS" As Rod Zapf and I used to say, "There is BUENO!" When Red Mountain Wine was 99 cents agallon, there was A "WAYNE O"....(Bueno)...

    SeeJimbo and I are about the same age, he was born in Auguest 1944, I was born in April...So, I am older...but when we raced, we raced 24-7. We may have had a LIFE, but boat racing was what we DID...

    Few people that race boats ever really understand DEDICATION...There is a lot of PASSION.....

    To me, making a winning boat is much like making Chocolate Chip Cookies...You do everything by the recipe or your cookies look like and taste like crap!!!!

    My dad built hundreds of motors, the worst runing motors were always the one that were illegal...

    John, what you said about building motors makes perfect sense to me...Built a 140, basically like OMC would have you do it and get a good prop, don't drive like a LOON...and you'll pick up a win here and there...DUH!!! (BIG SECRET!!!).

    I think the Schubert's Tri Hull Class is ready for NATIOANL STATUS!!!!

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    Default tri-hull?

    would this make a good one or is it to big at 17'? Sure would be a fun class , to spectate also.
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    Default hull design

    the way we have it ruled is to keep the class,,,,
    simple,,,,,competitive,,,affordable entry level fun

    i think of it as IROC boat racing
    fine tuning,prop,driving,,,,plays the largest role

    we have a list of boats that are legal,,
    they are based on the glastron tri hull platform
    with the 15-17 models of glastron and the splash copys of other builders
    v-166 works the best

    the motor is 100ci max,,,cross flow,,,merc,force,omc,,
    powerhead modifications allowed within the oem design and parts,,,
    pump gas,no low pick up,
    boat and driver weigh 1550lbs

    with this platform it is simplifed,,,no internal motor inspections needed,
    just weigh boat as come out of water,ck fuel,visual motor inspection,,thats it

    these boats were made for about 35 mph,,,we are running them up to 70
    they get airborn down the straights off of waves,,,slide and grip through the corners
    so spectators stand and scream ,,,love to watch,,, have as much fun as the driver

    the boat in the picture is more of a tunnel,,and other brands are more v bottom,,,,this would give the boat an edge to another
    and in turns they would turn differently,,,causing more accidents
    and how would you regulate what you call a tri hull,,,to much controversy,,,not simple
    if use loop charged motors,,,lot more expensive,,,make boat too fast
    and then have to have engine rules and major inspections,,,,
    waste time ,,cause cotroversy,more expense,less fun

    set up as an IROC type platform,,,the competition is very hard core
    there is 5 heat races through the day
    every reverse order start,,,there is a window open for a 1st to everybody

    i would love for other regions to start the class
    it brings out a lot of racers back to have fun again
    this is back to the mod vp racing days,,,,just slowed down for safety,,,more affordable,,,and boats and motors are laying around everywhere

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    Default boat hull

    this is the hull that is used in the class
    here is a photo of the new 1s that are being built for the class
    dont need a new 1 to be able to race
    they are thicker to be able to handle the abuse they go through
    framed stronger and closed the top deck and gave it an more racy look

    Name:  tri hull 002.jpg
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