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Thread: In memory of racers no longer with us:

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    Beyond losing a friend, I am most saddened that I did not get to thank Steve for all he did for me. I was able to compete in numerous events, because he burned the midnight oil getting my engines ready. He knew that I always wanted to have a back up engine and would even make sure that I had the "second bullet" if necessary. He also understood that I preferred to finish as many heats as possible, rather than being the absolute fastest. So, he would set up my engines "middle of the road".

    I am still saddened, but looking back on so many great times brings a big smile!

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    David are you still in Austin? Joe and I talked a couple of days ago about getting together with you for lunch or something in memory of Steve. The Bad Eyed Cat or something like that that had a runabout hanging on the wall.

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