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Thread: In memory of racers no longer with us:

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    I can remember back before I started racing Ron, and I would ride my bicycle down to the corner store to buy the latest issue of Boating News. Edelbrock was always a part of the news in the magazine. My first knowledge of Edelbrock was Boating News, but it continued on with Hot Boat, then Powerboat. They always featured some really good looking SK's, and Blown Fuel Hydro's, etc,, but they always were equipped with Edelbrock. Lots of ads. Gives me fond memories, and even though we never had any need for their products, I always remember that they had top of the line products. I didn't know they were into Nascar. God bless Vic Edelbrock and may he rest in peace.

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    Vic was a real car guy. There were 199 of us that purchased Z06 Corvettes in 1963. I remember talking to him at Daytona. I still had my Z06 but he had sold his only to buy it back some years later. One the day I spoke to him he was back out on the track having fun with his daughters. Rest In Peace and thanks for contribution to racing.
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    Default My Last Conversation With Vic

    About 10-12 years ago, the APBA had their National Meeting scheduled for Los Angeles. On their printed agenda was a visit to Edelbrock's Shop in Torrance. The year before, I had attended the APBA convention to cheer for Plan B's owner, Ben Marrone and driver Paul Grichar as Paul was getting into the APBA Hall of Champions for the second time, 25 years apart. I had made their propellers for Plan B, so I went to the convention. While in Detroit we went to Jack Roush's Museum for dinner and free tour.

    I thought the tour was very specail, especially seeing the airplane that almost took Jack's life.
    So, I called around to see how we were to get ticket's to Edelbrock's "Show Room" and no one seemed to know anything about the tour. So, I called Vic, now this is two weeks before the APBA Convention.

    I ask to speak to Vic Edelbrock, I got his secretary. Then his secretary asked my name, I said, "Ron Hill." The next sound I hear is Vic asking me how the prop business is?
    I say very good. What I'm calling you about is the tour scheduled during the APBA Convention. He said, "There is no tour scheduled, in fact, we are just loading the last car in here to take to a show in Pomona. The show lasts a month or two weeks. Who said we were having a tour?" I said the APBA's printed schedule said tour and dinner.

    Vic said, "I wish I'd known, I'd love to have you boat racers here and for dinner.

    I said I sure miss the Ski Race days when you a Jerry raced those GREAT JERRY GILBREATH prepared V-Drives.

    The racing world lost a good one!
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