The purpose of the Outboard Racers Assistance Fund (ORAF) is to provide temporary (financial) assistance to outboard racers in need. The amount of funds available to any one individual, the criteria for determining the need, and the control of the funds will be developed and updated over time.
In the near term, until better definition of the above and more people to assist in the above Ron and Russ Hill will manage and administer the funds. We will assure that adequate records will be maintained and available to interested parties.
The criteria for the distribution of available funds exists now only in our heads, but we are open to any and all suggestions. In the short term the criteria will be pretty subjective. Our thoughts now include any person who has raced, and/or his/her survivors would be eligible. There will probably never be enough in the fund to provide lifetime support, just "temporary assistance" to see them through an immediate crisis.
We do not want this to be a guarantee to anyone or the appearance of receiving charity, thus the "assistance." The idea of making this a non-profit group is also in our minds which would allow tax exempt contributions. Obviously that’s in the longer term.
We want all your thoughts on any and all facets of this idea, and if in your judgment it’s a good concept, we’d also like your money.
Russ Hill