That's not the problem Ron. I scanned these and had my Son Andrew sign them as 8 X 10. They were perfect. Something is going on between here and downloading to send to BRF that is deteriorating the quality. I was able to upload them today because I used the "basic downloader" function. So that's probably where the poor quality originates. I have been unable to go through the same path I used for so many years. There's something there that I am to stupid to use. I have never used Facebook, so maybe it has something to do with their system, or one like it. I just haven't been able to figure this out. If someone can to to the thread that says how to post pictures and guide me through it I would appreciate it. My computer guy was able to do a few in a test, but they were small, and I have not been able to find out the path he took to do what he did. BRF was down for me almost a week, and my memory lasts only for the last time I tried to remember something.....whatever that was.