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Thread: SST-120 Racers

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    OK,,,,,the national meeting is not far away,,,,,,Val has explained how the process works,,,,,,send me your thoughts on what you want to be discussed at the commission meeting,,,,,,the list of opc commissioners is at ,,,,,contact them and give them your thoughts,,,,,,contact me ,,, Carleton Callahan region 15 commissioner at ,,,,, safe boating

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    Default new motor?

    someone said that when a new motor is pushed on a class then 2/3 of the drivers leave....? where did this info come from?

    in the stock outboard class they had a dying A class about 20 years ago. A new production omc motor was introduced and within a year or two the class did not drop in numbers but grow in numbers. We have a new production motor that is proven to be in the ball park with a motor that has been perfected by the drivers for the past 20 years but we still do not think a new production motor is the answer?

    If experienced life long boat racers don't even know exactly what is available and from where for each and every part on a motor how long do you think it will take a new guy to figure it all out? probably enough time to get frustrated and quite.

    I think new production equipment is the best way to grow a class. And yes it may be a higher up front cost to switch to a new motor but I think it will be cheaper in the long run. From a selfish point of view I have a pile of 120 parts sitting there with value and I am sure not as much as many others, but there is no difference in value of the parts if a new motor is introduced or if there are no dirvers to buy them from me if the numbers keep dropping.


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    I don't think anyone disagrees that a new production motor is a great thing, but why the big rush to cannabalize another class. Give this thing a separate class and let it stand on its own merits and let the existing class die on its own if that's what will happen to it.

    Comparing this situation to A stock is way off base. As you said, the class was pretty much already dead by the time a new motor was proposed and the class had nowhere else to go but up in membership. That's not the case w/sst120, besides an A stock costs about 25% of the 200xs motor. It's a little easier to swallow a $3-5,000 re-investment than $20,000. I'm glad you have that kind scratch, good for you, but to most that's alot of $$$. If an sst120 driver recognizes the "long-term" benefits of changing, that should be his choice. Why take the choice not to change away from him by forcing him into an unfair/uneven race.

    In my opinion, F-150 was probably a better class to have them run for points, if that's necessary.

    Maybe the commission can work-out a plan with the series groups that will be attractive enough for Mercury to consider a "push" marketing strategy rather than "pull" and get more equipment out there.

    Comaprision to the demise of sst140 is closer to the mark. In CA at least, this was a HUGE class and overnight OPC racing in So CAL went to ZERO and still has not recovered. Nobody came back later to run F-150 either. Perhaps somebody can research if the same was true nationally. I'll bet that membership has not been increasing though.

    It seems to me that a new motor means a new class unless you can make it FAIR, a 2.0 litre vs a 2.5 litre is not fair. I think new classes are great if planned and supported properly, especially a production class. Best way to grow the sport as a whole rather than trying to shift the same shrinking pool of members into a few classes.

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