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Thread: sleeves in SST-120

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    My big question in another post was why are we only allowed to have 3 sleeves. Seeing as I have a powerhead with 3 sleeves, if I damaged a different one, it would not be legal. My question has been answered and some pretty good points addressed. I hope the 120 class lasts for several more years. I know I can't afford a new opti. It wouldn't be the 1st time the motors I was running became obsolete. At least now all my old inline 6 race stuff has great value again!

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    These are some great posts with alot of info that has not been out there, especially for a newbie to 120 like me. I've been racing alot of classes in all the outboard categories which is why I like to ask specific and detailed questions. I really want to thank those who took the time to educate me here. I can tell there's alot more but this will help me as I try to build the class here in CA.

    The first and most important issue in my mind is that Shep actually took the time to research availability of blocks. Since they are available, there seems to be no reason jump into a rule change for the purpose of saving blocks. Thanks, Shep.

    I am a little confused that there seems to be several different series of blocks and each may have different sleeve and liner configurations but I don't see these specifics spelled out in any of the published specs. Unless I mis-understood Miffco's post. Time for me to do a little more homework.

    I also agree with Bill's point that the rules should be more specific and detailed so they serve the purpose intended and can be enforced.

    Thanks to all,

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    Default 120 blocks

    we have been seeing that you cal, people have been picking up more 120s
    thats great for the class
    and all 120 teams appreciate the effort
    if I or any1 else can help you in any manner
    with boats,info,parts let me know

    to clarify the point i was making about the cast sleeve
    it started in the 1750 motor that was a long time ago but has been used through all the block changes

    so the legal sst120 motor raced today #884 9765 block,,,,this is cast in all blocks base beside poppet valve hole
    these blocks started in 1991-2007
    there is 2 styles that i refer to that i call
    1991-1995 early blocks
    1996-2007 late models
    same block #s but outside of blocks has different brackets casted into block
    from electrical changes merc made through the yrs for components to bolt to

    still have the same cast liner,,,
    every 1 has different opinions of which 1 runs better
    ive ran many different blocks to find my best for me
    i had a 1994 that i thought was good,,,after 4 yrs of use i threw rod out the side from piston failure,,,,,,
    i have been running a 1996 block for 3 full seasons after some 1 else ran for yrs and it has podiumed and qual in top at races and i still use it,,,,think it is good
    i just bought my 1st new block this yr,,,,(at that time they had 108 blocks in stock) and i think it is a good motor
    so just think a good motor is a good motor as bill said
    i hope this helps clarify ,,just my opinions
    and there is plenty of people more knowlegable
    that can give input and advise

    you and newcomers will find on this site
    people willing to help
    more for the sport
    than for profit,,,,,
    thanks BRF

    also barry,
    wished you could have made it to orange
    i imagine summers filled you in on its sucess and how well he did in the new boat,,,hope to see you next season
    there is another place for them inlines
    tri hulls ,,,,,need to put 1 on ,,,ill supply the boat,,for tri hullathon in february
    we dont have any more mercs in class,,,i had the last 1and that is 2 yrs ago
    then v4s need competition

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    John, I wish I could have made it too. I thank you for the offer to use a spare gearcase! Right now I am working on a twin engine vintage boat and hoing to show up at Chattahoochie with it and my 120. Hope to see you there! I have lots of old race boats for the inlines. Barry

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