Were sending off the DVD to the replicator hopefully Monday, I'm starting off with only 100 copies. This years DVD was fully narrated by Jesse(Cavefish) for those of you that contributed footage to the DVD I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU!! Yours is on the house Rich for your footage. The disk will be laser ink jetted with a lacquer finish! I think the paper is a professional grade high gloss paper. I'm setting up a PAY PAL account for purchasing if any of you are interested. I have close to 20 of them already sold plus the ones being mailed out to those who provided footage. Needless to say they wont last long, So let me know if you want one so I can get an idea of how many people want one. There going for 25.00 shipping included!!!

Here's a Trailer!!!!


I have posted some of the videos on the forum before. Not only are there jets but drags and hydros,and sprints!!