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    Bruce lost his foot. He was in a turn & the guy in front & to the outside of him barrell rolled in front of him. When Bruce hit the other boat, his boat stopped & Bruce kept going. Bruces boat (owned by Pete Buczo) didn.t have break away steering & Bruces foot got caught in the dashboard. I helped carry Bruce from the rescue boat to the ambulance & thought how ironic it was that just a few days earlier Buczo had replaced me with Bruce. When Buczo saw Bruce in the stretcher, he had a heart attack.

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    When Ron commented about who was driving Red Adair's boat that speared his DeSilva sled, I had to go back and reread the Red Adair thread. As it turns out, there is a mention of Lee Richter in this thread that was reason for me to come back here. This stuff is well worth reading from the beginning. In the second picture posted was Jack Waite, Buck Allen, Slick Johnson and almost cut off all the way to the right was David Alaniz's Dad Pete. Seems to me Slick Johnson also raced stock cars. Maybe Joe Rome might know. All these guys were in his neighborhood.

    I had forgotten Duke Waldrop was there. I had last seen him at Ralph Donald's Old Phart's Party at Naples, Florida. It's a good thing to go back and reread some old dormant threads because you will often pickup on things you didn't catch the first time around.

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    Default Slick Johnson and the Jaws of Life

    The Slick Johnson I knew boiled shrimp for driver's parties. OMC and Mercury both enjoyed his "Shrimp Boils" so a Galveston, Havasu, Morgan City, LA to name a few race sites, Slick Johnson boiled shrimp for all the teams. These "Shrimp Boils" were more than great. Freshly boiled gulf shrimp was really super eating.

    Now, I heard, and have not been able to prove it or disprove it, I heard Slick saw Mercury's power trim on several boats and as a result he invented the "Jaws of Life" using Mercury Outboard's power trim.

    I also heard, and have not been able to find the facts for sure, but the Slick Johnson lost his life racing Nationwide stock cars.

    I would to know if anyone really knows f these facts are true!

    The funniest part of Red Adair's boat running into my DeSilva sled was that TED MAY WAS UNDER THE CAR HOOKING UP THE TAIL LIGHTS, when Red's boat hit, Ted came out from under the car cussing like a sailor. Wanting to know who was moving the car. Then, he saw this Mandella "T-Boning" the DeSilva. I thought Ted was going to go into shock. He was speechless!
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