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Thread: OPC National Meeting Results

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    does the gearcase turn left?

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    One of the other points is that this combination ( strong boat, 4 cycle motor ) would be around for a long time. As the entry level racer moves up to another class, the resale value of this boat would remain higher than a 2 cycle, because the motor shouldn't be wornout, or outdated. With proper maintenance, this rig would last a long time. With competitor support, the class will also be around for a long time, as well.
    It might be smart to ask the constructors to refrain from using expensive material, such as carbon fiber, etc. Cost savings would help out. There are min. wieght requirements, so more conventional materials would go a long way to keeping the costs down. The longivity of this boat is key here, not the lightest boat.
    As Kevin pointed out. The overseas racers are enjoying this class already. There is no reason why the US racers can't enjoy the same thing.

    Just my thoughts,

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    Default The Numbers Don"t Compute

    I was told this boat cost $25,000 in Sweden where it is built. A new Revolution 45 SS is $9,000 and a 45 motor is close to $4,500... 9,000 plus 4,500 is 13,500 for a 45SS rig...This new motor is probably $16,000 less boat.....

    It is a cool looking little piece.....I came up with an idea to help Mercury sell these...I e-mailed them a suggestion that they finance these racing rigs for ten years....In the OLD DAYS when Mercury wanted to get motors in front of the public, they gave them away...My suggestion to them, would be to "CARRY the PAPER" on their project...Motors should be around for ten years...

    That ORANGE sure reminded me of Arcadian Racing....of the late Jimmy Hauenstein...or The Orange Blossom Special of Danny and Fre Hauenstein's D Mod Hydro...

    Can you see it now $250 down, $250 a month and you can race a Formula IV Mercury?

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    your math is off...

    the motor IS $7,500 for racers from Mercury.

    this boat IN europe is like $12,500 USD. to get them here is nearly $5,000.
    therefore it would be like a $25,000 package after importing the boat and including the motor. that is the only explanation i can think of regarding 'hearing' the $25k number.

    the $16k target breaks down to:
    7.5k motor
    7.5k boat (partially rigged)
    1k prop and finish rigging

    i realize these are agressive targets, but if you tell someone they are guaranteed the business for 15 complete rigs, their efficiency increases, overhead is reduced, and the job can be full-time (for a while).

    jason neri is a great guy. the $9k rev includes some rigging and he is still paying off his mold investment and doing these 'on the side'. i suspect someone can get close to the target (especially if the mold is paid for separately - by apba for example).

    so yes, it is comparable to the cost of a 'new' 45... but it is actually all new. and runs the same speed.

    just explaining the concept,

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    Default I like the idea overall.......

    If I can get some races near my region ie., the APR schedule, I would definately be interested in a "turnkey" maintenence free setup.

    I'm hoping to have a good time this year trying out the 60 class but, there will come a point where I might have to be serious about upgrading my boat. The costs associated with doing that have to start rivaling the cost of this new setup. I sure would love having a rig that I know will last 4+ years or more, maybe 7 years who knows?

    I would especially like seeing a financing program like Ron had mentioned.

    In the overall picture this really is appealing to the newbie (like myself). Not having to have an inside track to get the "good" parts, not wrenching as much (this especially since I know enough to be dangerous)

    Very interesting...............

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    better check the head room in the capsule before you buy.
    One more time Gearcase turn left or right?

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    Default New classes are not the answer.

    This new motor is the same problem we have been having in racing for years now.

    1. The manufacture produces a new motor and somebodey comes up with a class for it. (Is it the manufacture of the motor who comes up with the class or somebody who thinks they will be able to compete in a new class with new equipment ?)
    2.This usaully is a class close to one that exist already and is doing well.
    3. We are all told that the class it might replace, but it is not intended to replace, wont be affected.
    4. We are all told that the class that might be replaced is looking for new motors because the motors are not being produced by the manufacturer anymore.

    The typical effect of this has been.

    1. New boats & new motor for new class.
    2. It splits an existing class in two and neither has enough boats to be apealing anymore. (new classes don't typically create more boatracers just more classes with less boatracer in each class.)3. No body wants to buy equipment in the old class anymore because it looks like it is dying out. (boats etc dont cross over)
    4. Drivers in the old class quit because they have to throw away the boat and motor from old class and spend $16,000.00 + to buy new boat, motor and propellors for new class.
    5. New class strugles for some time before getting back to level of old class.
    6. New class finally takes off after several years and manufacture is not producing motor anymore for class.

    New classes are not good for boatracing and does nothing to bring the numbers in boatracers up, it only creates a new class and there is usually a decline in racers.

    We need to buid up the existing classes and concentrate on finding or legalizing the new motors being built for the class that already exist, while keeping the old motors legal in the class.
    This way there is not a high investment to change classes, hence drivers will stay and race and new equipment will be available for those who want it.
    If the new motors are better people will buy them for the class. If they are not then they will keep running the old stuff until something better is available or the class dwindles and dies.

    For example if the sst45 class needs new equipment available so bad, than why has the new two cylinder motor being produced not been legalized ? or another manufactures 2 cyl. been legalized ?

    I haven't looked into it but I bet the new powerehads would bolt right on or a new adapter plate could be made for a couple hundred bucks. If there is an advantage with the new motor it could probably be controlled with the adapter plate outlet to the tuner.

    The problem has not been with powerheads and parts not being available it has been with swivel brackets and towers not being available to replace the old worn out ones.
    The manufacture just doesn't produce the short towers anymore.

    There are complete 45 motors available for sale still.

    Does it not make more sense to work with what we have to keep the existing drivers around and create new equipment that can be bought for the new drivers who want to buy a new motor.

    Instead of throwing the dog out with the bathwater.

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    I agree this seems really close to existing class's ,, size of a 60,,,speed of a 45,, how many drivers would switch from both to the F-4 RIG?

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    Prop turns right to go forward. Full shift gear case.

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    Has anyone priced out the new F-4 rig to a new 120 rig, or for that matter a used 120 rig? Just curious on the price difference between the 4-stroke Mercury 60 and the new Optimax 200?

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