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Thread: crackerbox rule updates

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    Thumbs up crackerbox rule updates

    Okay crackerboxers.

    Here is a quick readers digest version of what was handled at Detroit meeting

    Rule proposal for min weight increase ::: failed min weight still 1250 lbs

    Rule proposal for aftermarket/performance blocks ::: passed. This was a no
    Brainer for it was reviewed once in 99 and again in 03 it just never got into rule book

    Rule proposal for sporstman motor package ::: by way of tech committee it failed and irc backed decision. The term is over and no experimental motors are on the table.

    Rule proposal for 1/8 th tolerance in bottom :::: passed.
    Now what the rule means that instead of a total flat measurement with no variance from flat basicly a zero tolerance, you now have an 1/8” of tolerance for age, settling , slop
    And trailer settling. It DOES not mean you can now taylor your bottom to have an 1/8th
    Concave tunnel. Bottom still needs to be flat, you now have room for
    Slop. Hope we all understand this rule.

    You can expect more hull inspections in the future then in years past. This would be so that we know where your hull stands. You sure wouldn’t want to find out at the nationals
    Or divisionals that your hull is out of spec and loose a title or a podium finish.

    Gang we all forget that the hull is the main part of our race rigs and it deserves and needs just as much attn as we give our motors and props and steering. When you think about it the hull takes the most abuse and just as a motor, it does have specs and its your job to ensure it is in spec.

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    Default Strakes?

    What about strakes? Was it brought up? How can you measure the bottom if there is a piece of metal running the length of the bottom? I can't believe this was not discussed. This has been the biggest concern with the class since last April.

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    the boat owners recieved a response from the rules sub commtee about all the other proposals. in short most of them are now in the hands of the tech commitee to decide on racing definitions so to speak and once that glossary is created, then other items will be addressed. and this would be an inboard terms of definitions for the apba in whole.

    as far as measuring bottoms there is no issue. there is a set proceedure in place as outlined on the inboard web site on how to measure the racing runabout.
    regardless of what attachements that are on the bottom it does not create an issue. just got to know where to look. it used to be in the actual rule book, but to save print, it was relagated to the web site for when needed.

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