Hi everyone -
I found this on an Inboard mailing list and thought maybe someone here would have info about this racer, Skip Saylor CJ 76 (That's Comp jet, right?). His daughter would like info to use at his Hall of Fame ceremony in Bakersfield.

Ron? Do you know anything about Skip or do you know any circle racers that might?




I am looking for information on my father Skip Saylor. He is being inducted in a Hall of Fame in his hometown of Bakersfield, Ca. and I am desperately searching for info on him.
I was only 14 y/o when my dad was killed racing at Lake Havasu, AZ on June 26, 1977 during the Summer Nationals. He was a circle boat racer, he raced one of the first tunnel boats designed by Bruce Nescher (sp?) w/ Sleekcraft Boats and his number was CJ 76.
He was the Vapor Trails magazine Rookie of the Year in 1976 and was very good friends with fellow racers Mel Friend and Mel Bacon. If there is anything you could do for me- give me details or who to contact or where to start that would be great.
I am trying to contact some of the people I knew he was close to Gayland Hill Engines, Bruce Nescher- Sleekcraft Boats, Sanger Boats, Fred Bonner Valley Boats in Bakersfield, Ca and several others that I remember. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks so much-

Sincerely, Margo Saylor-Patrick