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Thread: Trim Limit ??????????????

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    Default Trim Limit ??????????????

    First time I have posted on this board. Wondering if any of you outboard guys have come up with a way of stopping the up trim on an outboard other than using a trim timer? Anyone know if anyone makes one? Drag racing now and using 24 volt up trim but engine blows out to quick and then on the down trim buttons-lossing bite and time. Any help much appreciated (I am trying to install engine wedges right now to get the engine trimmed under futher) running a pro max center trim motor which will only trim out a certain distance but that distance is to far on this new boat)

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    Default Trim limiter

    I haven't done this, but it certainly seems possible. This ought to work if available trim indicator sensors have enough sensitivity and repeatability. I'd set the up sensor at your max limit and have it interrupt the up trim supply at that point. Same with the down, but on the down sensor / trim supply. If the sensors are repeatable, you ought to be able to adjust out any over-run tendency. The sensors ought to interrupting the trim relay signal, and make sure they can handle 24V vs 12V the usual 12V.
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    Default Haven't tried either but...

    You could put blocking/flag type switches on the high (up) trim and/or low (down) side that would cut the appropriate trim direction (when you reached the "UP" limit, you'd only be able to trim down and vice-versa). I can't find any of my electronic component catalogs right now, but if I have a chance I'll try to find a PN and description...

    This is actually a fairly interesting idea if it can be done in a bulletproof enough way... You'd have to have some kind of bypass on the "UP" side if you needed to trim higher for towing and such, and I don't know whether or not there is anything that will withstand those kinds of conditions (getting that wet and taking that kind of pounding)...

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    Default Trim Limit

    Thanks for post guys, I was thinking about even some mechanical thing (like the trim gauge made by stainless trim for remote trim units) when engine reached a certain point a lever attached on the lower unit would engage a switch attached to the jackplate that would cut power to the up trim ??? sure seems like someone would have come up with something by now??

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