Well this maybe a long one, so bear with me and I hope it isnít to boring. It was in about 86 or 87. As some know. The race in Lakeland Florida was a big Ally race for years. Well this particular year Hans Krage came over a few weeks early, staying with Ralph and Shirley in Atlantafor maybe a week. I think he may have borrowed a car from Ralph but he wanted to come to Florida and make arraignments for his Mrs and family. At this time also Deiter was also coming to Florida a week before the race. Well Hans stopped by my house to spend the night and have dinner and such, and Deiter was to arrive the next day along with Krista, Hans Wife, and Peter and his sister and boy friend. We started drinking adult beaver ages about five or so when I got home from work. Had a nice dinner and continued to enjoy the adult beverages. Well after a time we finished off my fresh family size bottle of Jack Daniels. Then we finished of Krageís bottle of Martel, ( his baby as he always said). Next up we made Black Russians and drank those. The last thing I remember was Hans and me staying out in my back yard in our skivees looking at the full moon. Next day was a bad day for me at work, so I left at about 10:00 in the morning, I was a hurting pup. Konig showed up at the house that afternoon and we then headed over to friends to pick up the ski boat for the next dayís fun in the sun. That night we all went to bed early and also Hanís clan showed up and with Peter Konig in tow. Of the the water we go for some fun. I taught some how to ski and they were all having a good time when it was suggested that I ski. I said who will drive the boat? Deiter immediately volunteered and the ski show was on. Well after doing some tricks and stunts, Deiter decided to go close to the beach and I was outside the wake making a cut close to were others were standin. Well Deiter and I got a bit to close to the beach, and the ski I was on stuck to the beach bottom and out of the binders I came, running faster than man can run. I went maybe 10 feet or so before I went feet up and proceeded to cut a furrel in the sand with my balding head, and then flipped one more time and landed on my feet up right. Well everyone thought it was planed and they all were applauding including Deiter. This rubbed the hide off my head like a road rash. Well all was good and we headed back to go out to dinner. We went to a nice place called Steak and Ale, I think also Ralph showed up by that time as well. So as I said, get a bit drunk with Krage and no sleep, I did not eat the next night as I was too tired. So at the restaurant, I ordered the biggest Steak and trimmings they had. Everyone else also ordered, but Konig just had something very small like a salad. I asked Deiter was he did not order a steak. He said to me,Ē I see that you order big piece of meat. It is impossible for you to eat such a large piece of meat and all else, so I will eat what you donít.Ē I said Deiter donít bet on that. He said he knew and was not possible. So I ate and I mean everything and there was little left on the bone even. I took the bone off my plate and said to Deiter, Here is your meal! The part for the dog, enjoy this. He was beside himself and did not know I could eat so much, but we all had a good laugh. The next day we were off to Lake Mattie for testing. Things were going good and I was changing a prop on one of the boats, and I get a tap on my shoulder, and hear Bill Van ask, What did you do to the top of your head? As everyone one started laughing, and all I said was , well Bill itís like this,I tried some cool and it didnít work out!. I will tel of another time when Deiter came to my home, that Ralph gave me hell about. Oh and the bet Ralph spoke about, Konig said to me if I could eat all, he would buy my meal. One of many steak bets we had over the years, and I didnít have to buy once. Those bets were about D motor power.