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Thread: Looking for an old post (this forum?)- old pics of Miami Orange Bowl Regata - 65/67?

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    Default Looking for an old post (this forum?)- old pics of Miami Orange Bowl Regata - 65/67?

    Had many neat old Race Boat pics -

    one i'm particularly looking for is of Astronaut Gordon Coopers redish/pink metalflake boat (Rayson i believe) - I think it was 1965 or 66 (more likely 65)

    as i find 1967 entry list and he's listed in a mandella with a chevy ?:

    (98 "Rojo Grande" TX Gordon Cooper-Red Adair Mandella-497 Chevrolet Paul "Red" Adair ).

    BUT boat i'm looking for in group of photos I'm looking for, I could swear was a Raysoncraft ( Ford wedge with webers for sure) - and it was in a group of pics someone posted from (a) Orange Bowl Regatta from 65-67.

    so either This 67 program is wrong on the motor/hull - i'm wrong on the year - or it wasn't the boat G. Cooper drove (but from the name "Rojo Grande - seems right, just as far as the color. Rojo = RED, i remember the boat i'm looking for in pic you could not see a name).

    All pics were Boats on land or Dock , or just leaving Doc .

    also 67 seems right as I remember pics also of Jimmy Gaskins on Dock working on a boat , "Raw Hide" - white/wood deck mandella , "Lil' Honker - Dark Blue Galstron . and these guys/boats are listed in 67 program entry list (although all these same guys were probably there for 65 & 66 also).

    I think it was 67 and the program was wrong on motor/hull. or again it was not the G .Cooper Boat

    ANYWAY - it was posted on one of the boat forums & I thought here ?

    But does not seem to come up in a search.

    I copied the pics - but can't find my hard copies right now and my last computer with them filed is currently stored in a Virused/locked up state.

    need to view pic for current research project.


    Please send me a PM - if you have or know where to locate

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    The best way is to use the forum search function. I tried a few possibilities, but did not come up with exactly what you are looking for.
    Since 1925, about 150 different racing outboards have been made.

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    Default Orange Bowl

    Chuck - I posted this program from 1968 a few years back (see link below). Maybe it will help you with what your looking for. Good Luck.
    TOM L.

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