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Thread: San Diego 2008 VIDEO

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    Quote Originally Posted by sst45jefff View Post
    Why is it we always have to go east ?
    why cant you guys go west for a change !!!!!
    I still see this as a win win for middle and east coast. You don't have to travel 25-30 hrs. one way. Travel money would be a BIG plus.

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    I can't believe this is in writing...but I gotta agree with Warren.
    My trip to Baton Rouge last year was about $1,000 just in gas.

    Prize money won't get me there, but tow money...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shep View Post
    take the east/west grudge purse and pay like this: take the best 5 finishers from each coast add thier APBA points for the race winnig coast gets 65% losers get 35% to be divided among all drivers from that coast, losers buy the beer.
    That's a good idea too!
    The east team and west team concept will make it a "grude match", sort of...

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    Default What Ever It Takes

    To All 45's:

    Having just bought two complete SST 45 SS Revolution outfits, one new from Revolution and Scott Economy's outfit, I'll put in what I think.

    St. Louis looks like the most central location. But Kankakee or Pt. Neches could also work.

    The Kankakee OPC Nationals is already a place where the "Show Down" could take place.

    How about Pt. Neches, Kankakee, and San Diego ? For the "Showdown Series" !!!

    I'm for anything that promotes good boat racing. With the price of gas these days tow money would be very important. It would be most sensible to have this race / races everyone is talking about here at a race or races that are already in existance.

    A race where all the 45's in the country comes to would be very cool.

    The promoters of the current series's, that is Ross Wallach, Fred Miller, and the Texas Series need to talk about this at the Annual Meeting.

    Keep these thoughts and talks going. Let's make it happen.

    Dean Hobart

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