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Thread: Texas Trihullathon Oct 25=26

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    Default Texas Trihullathon Oct 25=26

    hey every1
    since the orange race was officially cancelled
    due to the devastation of hurricane ike

    sport racing series
    has scheduled a texas trihullathon
    to be at lake summerville october 25 and 26

    to give us all an end of the season blast of fun
    and a break from recovering from ike
    2006 was cancelled from rita ,,2007 from sheduleing issues
    so 2008 its on
    if dont know what a trihullathon is
    its an all trihull weekend
    this yr consisting of
    1) 2 10 lap heat races
    2)a 1/4 mile drag race event
    3) the clencher and most brutal
    a 2 hour matathon race of most laps completed
    its like nascar,,,but with a 5 gallon carry tank and multiple drivers
    making pit stops as fast as possible to stay out on water for most laps

    cannot miss it
    its a blast
    have had drivers from all over the county in the past to participate
    to team together and just have 2 days of pure fun

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    Default Co-Drivers

    Get your co-drivers lined up. I've got mine. The co-drivers main job is to make you look good by not driving better than the primary driver, which is why I have selected............Tracy Hawkins from the extensive list of candidates who have applied for the position.

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    Default has the info on how the weekend is going to be setup. The guys that race the pwc's will have about 3 races all together. John is sending us the rules on the marathon and a detailed schedule for the weekend.

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    Default also has updated its video section. Check us out and let us know what you think.

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    Default Is The Race On???

    Can you post some of the entries....?

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