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Thread: An Amazing Story: Part 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Master Oil Racing Team View Post
    Been looking for the best scanner. Things have changed a lot . Firured sin ce I get a new scanner I need to be able to have acess to things to scan. So I started to clean up my darkroom and file things away, so that I can not only find what I want, but aksi pit things back so I don't let things get so cluttered again. ince I can't hardly see anymore, I have to take things slowly, and pt things back where they belong.. I don't have my computer glassrs on an there mey me a lot of spelling errorors. I just wanted to give an update and get back to cleaning out my darkroom which has been a mess for three or more years.
    Wayne---I can't begin to comprehend what your going thru with the vision problem. You have done and contributed so much to all aspects of Boat Racing that all of us Readers of BRF would like you to keep on as you can. After all it's the meaning not the spelling and we'll figure it out and enjoy every word of your articles.

    I'll catch ya later,
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    Thanks much Bruce. Some days are good, some not so.Got a lot done yesterday And can see the light of day. Except I still have about 20 rolls of film to develop from the 80's and 90's. can't trust to send them out. Have to buy new chemicals. One good thing.... When I open my cassettes to load the film on the is done in total darkness. I can't see a thing. It's all done by feel and I have done that since 1967, so my eyes don't count.

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