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Thread: Lone Star Boat Racing Association

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    Proud that you will fly the Texas flag Steve. The year my Dad decked Pete was 1978 at the PRO Nationals in San Antonio. I didn't know you then, but you might be in some pics I took at the driver's meeting. Regarding southern talk.. "You guy's" is kind of new. Started maybe in the 90's or so. Now starting to be a little controversial. What us southern guys have found out a century two or before that.... "ya'll" covers it all.

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    The Ya'll part sure does, I had Joe Johnson ask me once, " What do you mean when you say All Ya'll?" Don't know if that term is/was used in Texas But now it may be. Seems Joe and others did not understand when I said Ya'll that ment everyone, not just a few, so i said all ya'll Joe! that's everyone! His comment was just Oh. Some just don't get it do they Ol buddy? Steve

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