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Thread: 3 Blade KG4 prop?

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    Default 3 Blade KG4 prop?

    Did anyone ever run a 3 blade prop in A with the KG4?

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    i remeber Juli seaman and the Davidsons runing three bades on ther a's in 1980 81 82 Ron hill made some grate thee blades from two blade records
    David Bryan

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    I had a very nice 3 blade that R Allen Smith made for me that I used from time to time in ASH with my KG-4 - welded together 3 Kamic blades. It worked pretty well, but more commonly used 2 bladed props. I never saw more than a few of the 3 blades used in A at the time I quit racing in the early 80's. In those days of course, we had no transom height restrictions so we could run the set ups higher and pull more prop.


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    Default 3 Blade KG4 Props


    Yes, absolutely..... 3 Blade propellers for KG4's and Mark 15's. Mr. Craig Dewald was making very good ones. I ran them with an 18 1/2" transom, or the prop shaft more than 1" above the bottom of the boat, up through 1985.
    Then in 1986 the OMC was introduced and the 1 3/8" below the bottom was
    the rule. Those KG4/Mark15 propellers would not work on the OMC.

    Dean Hobart

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    The super fast ASH props were pretty unusual. How about Mercury cleaver based props with very narrow blades but 7 1/2 inches in diameter? Gotta get up pretty high to run them. Also needed the 25SS gearcase with 1:1 gears which had a longer skeg than a Merc A case. Even better if you got one from Jeff Hutchens with a further enlarged skeg.

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