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Thread: Dale Lansberry- Rest in Peace

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    Default Dale Lansberry- Rest in Peace

    Dale Lansberry, boat racer - owner of the meticulously restored "Shockwave" Super Stock and Chief Surveyor of the Salton Sea Speedweek passed away last Wednesday after a brief battle with Cancer.

    Dale was a boat racer first and his love for the sport was evident. I had the priviledge of working with both Dale and his son Chad on the Salton Sea Speedweek event. Dale undertook the job of surveying the 5/8 mile Kilo course for APBA but midway through the job was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He called me to let me know and I immediately sought out other surveyors to finish the job but he wouldn't let it go and decided to keep on working on the project to see if through fruition. He passed 3 days after the Salton Sea Speedweek ended and in my conversations with Chad, I felt extremely guilty that his last days were spent worrying about some boat race. Chad immediately corrected me and said that Dale loved boat racing and thrived on stress and wouldn't have had it any other way. In fact he (Chad) felt Dale hung on until after the Speedweek to pass on to race eternal. I am forever grateful to Dale and Chad and my condolences to the entire Lansberry family. I have asked Chad to get a list of Dale's accomplishments together for a fitting tribute to put in the "Propeller" magazine. I also plan on making the 2009 Salton Sea Speedweek the Dale Lansberry Memorial race in his honor on the race sanction/circular for the racing community to remember him.

    He was a great guy and I am very saddened by the loss of another great boat racer.


    Ross Wallach, SCSC/RPM RACING ENT.

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    I was talking with Bob patterson tonight about Dale. The doctors gave him 6 months and he made it six weeks, Wow I didn't know he was sick. He was a great guy and super talented. The restoration he did on Shockwave was impeccable; Bob was so impressed with the restoration he wrote him a letter stating the same. Dale will be missed by all of his peers. My heart goes out his family. Rest in peace Dale.


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    That's so sad. You know it's a tribute to his love of boat racing that kept his spirit alive to see him through the Salton Sea Speedweek. You can probably attribute a lot of that to the fact that Salton Sea boat racing was resurrected after an abscence of so many years. It will be at fitting tribute to commemorate the 2009 race to Dale Lansberry as a memorial Ross. We bless Dale and his family and say they will endure this time of loss and to think of him and remember fondly of the times they had together.

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    Default Godspeed Dale

    Naming the Salton Sea Kilo's after Dale is a wonderful tribute to a great man; Dale will be missed; condolences to Chad and the rest of Dale's family. I had the privledge of driving Dale's pride and joy in Long Beach when he first ran it in Nostalgia and it is a memory I will always cherish. Thanks for the memories Dale, and the best part is that we got to break the Cracker Box record on his course before he passed!

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