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    Default Scarpa:

    Several things here....

    Very cool that people are having fun racing PRODUCTION motors. And no matter where or what you race, it seems it is hard to find parts you need...

    Being in the propeller business isn't easy, and sometime frustrating, but these kinds letters make me believe that the world is OK. Boat Racing will survive...

    Dear Mr. Hill,
    As I told before Iím an Italian driver racing in different Classes.
    In smallest Class, Iím racing with an Abbate prototype of tunnel boat (see attached last Sunday at Pavia-Venice, 400 km race) with a Yamaha 70 CES (13 splines) with a naked Rolla cleaver 23Ē (6.200 RPM, see photo) or, better, a Yamaha intubed 21Ē (6.500 RPM, no photo, but looks like your 3 blades racing cleaver), reaching with both 116 kmh, (62,6 knots, 72 mph) but easier to reach and hold with the intubed one. When I tried with 4 blades I loose a lot of speed without having any other benefit.
    What I would need is a prop more sensitive to trim and who lift more the boat wich now leans too much on flaps and stern (see photos). In this way I also hope to add a few speed.
    Can you suggest one of your props for my boat?
    Kind regards, Sebastiano

    Dott. Sebastiano Scarpa

    San Marco: 0417799245 uff 0412960291 fax

    Accademia: 0415239700uff 0415222697fax

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