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Thread: Isleton OPC races 10/03 & 10/04

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    RJ - In my first post I mentioned that I thought the race went off very well and was run as good as could be expected for their first time back in a long time putting on a race.

    As far as rules superseding, you are correct but the APBA rules don't say anything about contact on a lemans start.

    Rules that address problems are put in place all the time that supersede APBA rules.
    As the series rules have done for all of their races on lemans starts.

    B. LeMans start:
    12) In the interest of safety, the Race Committee may make rules for individual race courses governing lane changes on starts. The rules and
    penalties must be announced at the Drivers’ Meeting.

    A lane change is a lane change and there is always a second boat involved. (the one that you have just encroached on) which in this case there were 3 boats involved.
    In your opinion you were the first boat that was encroached on and instead of holding your lane you chose to change lanes and involve a third boat. In doing so you took the chance of running into another boat and making the problem worse.
    Which is why the rule specifically says you are to hold your lane until the commitment buoy.
    By changing lanes to avoid contact with another boat you are starting a domino effect that can have the potential of a more serious incident. which has been proven many times when guys change lanes on the start.

    The only reason that there was not an accident is because I was able to avoid you by backing out of it and keep from blowing over in your rooster tail. My visibility went to zero when you moved over into my lane which as I said before compounded the problem at my expense and your gain.
    We just got lucky there was not a more serious problem.

    As far as being constructive, I and others did speak with the referee and voice our thoughts even though it was to late for it to matter in hopes to keep this type of thing from happening again.
    Voicing my opinion on the race, the series what have you is one way of working to make things change. By bringing these things out in the open for discussion, others will hopefully learn from it as well and voice there opinions to change things.

    Pretending everything was all right is not going to make things better or move forward.

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    Default Thank You

    Thanks to Jay Fox for coming all the way from Bay City, MI, Jeff Schmidt from Oympic, WA, Mark Wimpee from Kingman, AZ and the people from
    Region 12.
    Jeff is right. The California Speed Boat Association has not put on a race
    in about 40 years although they were formed in 1937.
    I have never been involved in helping to organize a race until this one and
    I could not have done it with out the support of many people and sponsors.
    There was so much enthusiasm and cooperation that it just sort of took off
    by itself with a little bit of steering.
    Being the first race of this sort with the classes we chose that we thought
    would attract spectators and business to the town, it was a great show for the fans and drew tremendous support from the city.
    We had expected a couple of other people that were going to help with the
    series rules etc., but got notice 3 days before the race that they would not
    be attending. Bill Boyes filled our officials in on the series rules as best he
    could as our officials didn't have a clue.
    We could have used some instruction and communication from the series
    officers and we hope that if the people in charge are not going to participate
    anymore, then please pass the baton as we think the series is a good idea.
    We learned alot about putting on a boat race and alot about what we didn't
    need to do and what we need to do and we are still learning.
    We need all the suggestions and advice we can get from racers and spectators alike, so if you have any, please email me at
    Thanks you, Jim Corsaut, Delta Thunder race committe


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