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Thread: Happy Birthday Wayne Baldwin....

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    Happy Birthday Wayne!

    I hope, in spite of everything going on, you can remember to have a good time!

    Folks that may not know, not only was Wayne Baldwin a top flight racing driver, he is also a great photographer who's documentation of outboard racing over the years has graced not only the pages of BRF, but also our web site.

    Thanks again Wayne.

    Have a Great Day today!

    Paul and Diane

    ps: I don't know if you meant to or not, but please keep sending me the occassional hot female photos you took at the races in the 70's. I know you should have been totally focused on racing, but the side show is nice too!

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    Happy Birthday Wayne!

    Ice & Snow in San Antonio???

    Oh well, so much for global warming!

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    Thanks guys. And Paul....maybe I didn't send more because you gave me Diane's e mail. Got back from San Antonio Saturday to find that I not only lost the crank in the computer, but also threw all the pics. The only pics left were the ones that came on the computer. Got the computer hooked up last night and found that all those scans for the past several years are gone. Not to worry about that because I still have all the originals, but I liked to be able to go back and look at previously scanned in case I needed to find out something or isolate a boat or person. Luckily I started marking at least the slides I scanned with a B because I can't remember all the ones I had scanned before. I'm maybe....just maybe getting close to 25% scanned...or was until then. That doesn't include any of the recent digital photos or undeveloped film (about 20 rolls). All of the Lone Star and DePue reunions, plus the 07 Nationals and 08 World's are gone, but I never erased a lot of stuff after I downloaded them. I still have a handful of memory cards, that I hope still have everything on them. The computer guy has an external hard drive that should have a lot of pics that he will reinstall Saturday, so maybe it won't be so bad in the final turn. Let this be a lesson to those who don't do a backup. I do it at our business every day, even if I do only one transaction. I haven't been here. The hardd drives were installed to download after a specified period of time, but somebody unplugged them. I have one on my other computer also (the one with the stuck pistons), but it was disable also. I'm thinking now of doing something like Carbonite as additional backup.

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    Hey Wayne,

    My computer is throwing it's crank too. Got a new one on order, hopefully I will be able to save the files from the old one to the new one. Do you suppose it has anything to do with the ethenol that they are putting in our gas?

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