I would never have recognized Renato. In his youth his mustache was black and larger. Renato couldn't speak English and I couldn't speak Italian, but we did speak boat race.

Renato raced to win and that was the end of the story, period. Renato could make a tunnel boat whistle. He was light and he made everything around his boat light. His brother Georgio was younger, taller and better looking but seemed to not know how to make a tunnel WHISTLE.

Georgio once blew over on the last run before everyone was leaving for Paris. This was like Wednesday morning. So Team Molinari left for Paris without Georgio. Georgio got everyone at the Molinari Factory to fix his boat. He showed up with his boat repaired like two hours before the driver's meeting on Friday. Paint was still wet.

Georgio seemed to like me but Renato didn't like me at ALL. Might very well have been that Renato never passed me without getting HOSED DOWN. When he'd finally get around me, his mustache would be drooping, all soaking wet and he'd flip me off. AS Bill Jack Rucker Sr. used to say, "The lake ain't big enough for those guys to pass me."

I seldom passed Renato unless he was broke down.

When I was in Lake Como, 5-6 years ago, I tried to look Renato up, but failed. Scotti's son was going to take me to the shop, but his mother feel quite ill, and we never met up to look for Renato.

Bernie Little........Well, when you make your own rules, you usually WIN! Renato and Jimbo ran V-8's against the U Boats down in Texas. Renato's was a twin, Jimbo had four V-8 Johnson's. They ended up like second and third place. Rules got changed REAL FAST.

When Jim Hauenstein built the 8 engine Arcadian with 8 V-6 Mercury Outboard power heads, everything was cool until Jim started getting it sorted out and they went like 190 MPH testing at Lake X. Bernie changed the turbine's rules real quick to make them go over 200 MPH.