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Thread: E Stock Or Service Runabout

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    Default E Stock Or Service Runabout

    There were E runabouts in the 1953 nationals at Oakland (not formula E, mod). Seems like it could be a fun class to try to bring back. Get a D runabout, modify decking a little and hang a 45ss OMC on the transom & race with two persons. Or experiment with deeper pleasure hulls like OPC of olden days.

    Might be a better chance for more rigs in an exciting class like this than the fields seen in two-man, 850 or 1100? In the alternative how about two-man stock with a club foot motor of under 50ci?

    I know- too many classes already and 45ss are getting rare but it is a nice fantasy. Could add additional spectator interest to an all stock race schedule.

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    That is exactly what we are trying to do in what we perceive as the COR racing series. Classic Outboard Run a bouts. We have a fairly good start with neary 10 boats in the COR-2.0 class (southern Calif.) Check out the COR thread and you will see that we are trying to pick up the old V-4 (99 cu. in), the Three cylinder OMC (70) horse class and the smaller 2 cylinder classes. We have used the SST-120 powerhead rules (slightly loosened so that we could use their discards) as a draft for our COR-2.0 rules using a stock, shiftable lower end. We invisioned using the other SS class rules such as the SS-45 rules in the same manner. So far we are just getting a start but the idea is to return to the OPC (outboard pleasure craft) of old without falling into the "arms" of the current OPC division. If interested, check the COR thread on BRF. com. Rod

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