View Full Version : Hauenstein and Hill Team Again

Ron Hill
07-14-2005, 04:44 PM
This Evinrude is a 60-42 30 cubic inch Outboard Racing engine. Fred Hauenstein, Sr,. raced this motor more than 63 years ago. There were only 50 built, Fred's was 003. The IRONY is that my father also had one of these "SIX STUDS" as they were called. My dad's serial number was 041.

Fred sold this motor to Ed Kurakowa for $250, more than 63 years ago...Fred was starting his business, "FRED'S TRUCK FUELS and Fred's Cafe" and needed the money.

About 63 years ago, my dad was being drafted into the Army, and my mother was pregnant with me. My dad made a deal to sell his "SIX STUD" for $250. The man who was buying the motor was to pick it up at 7:00 A.M. My dad didn't sleep all night. The next morning he told my mom he couldn't sell the motor....She said, "She never asked him to sell it."

A few days later, the war started to change, and President Roosevelt stopped drafting men over 40 with kids. My dad had quit his job, sold his car and boarded up the cabin, figuring he was off to war...

My brother raced my dad's "SIX STUD" and I raced it also. My dad gave his motor to Lou Eppel to give to the Evinrude Museum, the museum was never built but was lost track of "Six Stud"..

I bought Fred Sr.'s motor from Ed Kuaikawa last month. Fred Hauenstein Jr. and I decided to restore the motor and give it to the APBA Historical Society.
This motor was last raced in 1955. It has been in Ed's barn for 50 years...

Here are a few pictures of the motor and all.

The props and gearcases have been polished...