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Jeff Lytle
07-09-2013, 05:49 AM
Morning all:

I would like to share an interesting story with you. If you recall about 5 years ago, I volunteered to go pick up a B Looper for Frank Novotny. He handled the money part of the deal, and I went to pick the engine up (about an hour North of where I live) package it and ship it out. All went well, and the engine found it's new home in Westminster Maryland. See http://www.boatracingfacts.com/forums/showthread.php?6659-2-b-or-not-2-b&highlight=Karl+Williams for some of the details of this transaction. I never asked Frank what he paid for the engine, or how he found it, but was pleased that I could help him out with the shipping.

About the same time, I was made aware of a C Looper that had become available from the same seller up here, but it was snapped up before either Frank or I could pull the trigger. I knew where it went, contacted the seller to see if he would be interested in selling (not!) and made a note to call him again from time to time to see if he had changed his mind. I actually met the seller this past weekend face to face, saw the engine and had a chance to speak with him about how he found it.

The following is a copy / paste of the content of one of the emails Paul C and I have been bouncing off each other the last couple of days.......I think you'll find the content cool, just as I did a few years ago when I heard of how this C was found:

Funny story goes along with this engine, the same story goes with the FB I got for Frank as both the B and C came from the same place.
It seems collectors will go to great lengths to score collectable engines up here. Not only communicating with as many connected people thay know, but also handing out "Wanted" business cards, posters etc. in cottage country located just North of where I live.
I don't know how Frank found out about the B he got (the one you confirmed was built for Karl Williams) but here's how the story goes:
"A collector up here contacted all the local dumps North of us, including a town called Gravenhurst which is about 45 minutes drive from here. He offered a reward for anyone who was able to contact him of antique outboard engines that arrive at the dump. He got his phone call.......
Someone (???) dropped off the B and C Loopers at the Gravenhurst dump and just drove away. The employee was smart enough to recognize a unique looking motor and made the call."

I spoke to Paul about getting the history on this engine--The dyno card simply says "Voss". It wou;d be interesting to see if it was indeed Pete Voss or one of his family out of the Long Island N.Y. area that was the owner of this motor when it was new.

Now for the good news..........This engine is now for sale! It has not been restored, the elbows and stacks have been polished, and the cases painted aluminum. It turns over well with no hang ups. As a good eye can see from the pics, this engine has seen some action. There are welds on the front crankcase half and on the elbows. Speaking of elbows!--Yes, there is one broken off and it's gone. The generation 1 pipe is included with the deal. Contact me for seller information if you are interested.

$3500.00 firm

07-14-2013, 08:04 PM
Show some more pictures of the 4-60 next to the looper!!!