View Full Version : WILD LOOKING mystery boat! Help ID Please

02-13-2015, 06:50 PM
Can anyone identify this? It was reportedly built around 1960, possibly in Costa Mesa, California as a prototype or experimental, possibly for racing. It is said to be number one of four. It has center steering and a relatively large interior. It has a normal motor well (transom is missing). It was part of a large collection belonging to the late Bob Abendroth, heir to the time oil fortune in Washington State. There is an oral history stating that it was considered for the role of the original Bat Boat in the sixties but was rejected due to its size after spending time at the studio. I would like to know the manufacturer and model name if any and anything else anyone might know about it. It is now a part of my collection and will be lovingly restored. Thank you for your help!
Kevin Mueller