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Ron Hill
10-16-2015, 05:26 PM
Subject: 22P Fourby4 feedback from Rinker 250 Fiesta Vee

Greetings Ron,
I expect that this update will find it's way to you. Your customers may appreciate some real world feedback for my 2002 Rinker 250 application.

We had a great chat on 9/1/15 and you recommended that I try the 22P four by 4 to replace my newly dinged OEM 22P Merc 3 blade B3 prop.
You got the new prop across the country to Northern VA in time for Labor Day weekend. Thanks for that and the $85 shipping seemed reasonable. I spent 3 days on the Potomac River over Labor day with lots of test opportunities. So here is what I can provide:
Boat Specs: 2002 Rinker 250 w/ Merc 5.7 260HP B3. Dry weight= 6300lbs w/ 73 gal fuel tank (full as tested) and 40 gal holding tank (3/4 full as tested) and 40 gal fresh water tank (3/4 full as tested). Passengers ranged from 2 adults and 2 kids (me included) to 6 adults and 1 kid (me included).
1-- Slow speed - one minor change in slow handling - I felt the boat prop walk slightly at "no wake" speed I attribute this to your different cupping between front and rear prop. It is a very minor issue and took me about 2 minutes to realize what was going on and adjust to it. No issue by the time I got back to the dock, easy to adjust to it.
2- Hole-shot slightly better that stock prop with as much weight as I was carrying, it is a heavy boat for 260HP and full tanks.
3- Planning speed - from 3400RPM (24 mph) minimum with full fuel load to 3100RPM (24 mph) - This is a big improvement! I can now stay on plane in the 8 gal per hour fuel burn range, it used to be minimum 10 gph.
4- Cruising Speed- from 28mph @4000 rpm to 32mph @4000 rpm, I very rarely rev the motor above 4K rpm, these Merc 260 motors are simply modified GM 350CIDs and not made to spin high revs for extended periods (I have over 600 hours on the original motor and it still runs like new, I keep the maintenance up and expect many more years of service from it). I cruise between 3600 rpm - 3800 rpm and now my speed is up 4 mph. Fuel burn went from 11 gph to 12 gph. so no free lunch but worth the performance improvement.
5- WOT - spec range = 4400 rpm - 4800 rpm. Four by 4 = 4600 rpm with full load and 4 people aboard. No doubt on a flat day with less fuel 4800 is achievable, but that is not how I treat my boat or passengers, the Potomac is usually bumpy on the weekends. I am not certain on speed but 46ish mph is what I recall in the brief test

Conclusion: the 22P Four by 4 is a nice improvement and works very well for my type of boating. I take the family on multi-day adventures (Chesapeake Bay, ICW, etc). Efficiency on trips where I am traveling 200-800+ miles adds up to better dinners if I can keep some cash away from the fuel dock!

Thanks for your advice, great stories, and I'll drop you a line as promised if I see a sweet16 fixer-upper on your coast.

Take Care,
Mason Neck VA

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