View Full Version : Need Help Documenting Vintage CSR

04-08-2016, 12:25 PM
I am new to this site and have enjoyed the wide range of historic information and photos. I participated in the APBA Stock Outboard division in the 1980's, primarily in Wisconsin. While scrolling through an article below, I think I may have discovered an old photo of my C Stock Runabout. The photo shows 3 C/D hulls on the Stippich Team trailer. Mine looks like the one on the top?? I purchased my 12' Stippich hull in 1984 and was told by the second owner that it was built by Carl for his son Keith. I believe it was originally all bleached mahogany plywood with some accents about 2 feet from the transom. It still has the original Stippich decals and all original hardware including a unique adjustable transom plate. My guess is about 1960 vintage? The boat is very solid and sees occasional use at my Three Lakes, WI cabin just to verify the driver still functions! Any historical details / race history you guys could add would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!