View Full Version : This isn't your dad's tractor motor!!!!!

06-18-2016, 08:34 PM
Here are a couple pictures of an Oliver , yes that Oliver , motor. The story on how it came about was very interesting. Thanks Mark for letting me post the pictures!!

Mark Suter
06-19-2016, 07:58 AM
Dale, thank you for posting some of the pictures you took during your recent visit to my museum. I sure enjoyed the time you spent here. For those that are not familiar with my facility, I am a collector of outboard racing motors and I have about 185 of them and 12 racing boats in a 3000 square foot showroom. Four racing categories are represented: Antique, Stock, Mod and PRO. The condition of the motors varies and the collection includes some as-found (i.e., awaiting restoration), original (i.e., only cleaned), restored to original factory specs and over-restored (i.e., nicer than when originally manufactured). Most are presented on stands that maximize visibility and are flat black so they don't detract from the color and detail on the motor. All of the boats have appropriate motors on them and are fully rigged. I always try to add some new pieces each year so visitors always have something new to see. In the photos you will see books or some pieces of literature shown with the motors and boats. What I have done is to try to capture everything I have learned about each piece in the museum so visitors can read what is known about those pieces. The facility is heated air conditioned year round to help minimize corrosion on the contents. I have one open house each year in the fall (this year on October 15th) as part of an Antique Outboard Motor Club meet and we usually attract over 200 attendees. During the rest of the year I offer tours of museum to anyone that is interested in seeing it. The location is in Michigan between Lansing and Detroit. To arrange a visit, please call ahead to make sure I will be around. I am retired and am usually around. My phone is 989-634-8822.

06-19-2016, 08:24 AM
Mark, to every soul on this site, that is the generous offer of all time.

Al Lang
06-19-2016, 11:11 AM
From what I understand, Mark will display some equipment at the boat racers reunion in DePue this year at the Title Series Pro Nationals. Do not miss it. He is a great guy

06-19-2016, 12:01 PM
Mark , thank you for allowing me to post the pictures I took at your museum. I have many more to post and will do so as time allows. I look forward to my next visit , and there will be a next visit.