View Full Version : UIM World Championships

Mike Ward
11-14-2005, 12:32 PM
I am now finalising a 600 page project to produce the results of every UIM World (and European) Championship staged since the 1930's.

However i have a few problems concerning OPC races held in the states, so if anyone can offer any information it would be appreciated - I want to make this project as comprehensive as possible.

I require the top 3 placings plus boat / motor detiails for the following:

1992 World SST.45 Championship at Cypress Gardens. It was won by Dave DeWald but the family cannot remember any other details.

1992 World SST.60 Championship at Louisville, won by Greg Kahle.

1990 World SST.60 Championship at Valleyfield, won by Randy Minch.

1992 World SST.120 Championship at Kansas City, won by Johnny Travis.