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Original Looper 1
12-25-2018, 09:02 AM
Breaking news !


When You need an AR-15 !

What happens when the Government finally cuts off the welfare and electric from the animals or Terrorist to bee ,
and six or so of them in a gang show up at your front door looking for food and things they can pawn.
So you hear glass breaking, and when you look out, you see they are armed with guns.
Here are your options:

1. A Bible, good luck with that.

2. A six shooter, maybe you will get one or two.

3. A shot gun, maybe you will get one or two.

4. A glock that can jam, then you'll get none.

5. Call the Cops, takes way to long , say good bye to life.

6. An A-R 15 with a nice big 15 clip and another spare one. Congratulations, you took out all of them before they could kill you.