View Full Version : 2022 Springfield, Ohio Nationals and 2022 DePue Super Nationals

Ron Hill
08-01-2022, 08:52 PM
Mod 7B posted about the Super Nationals in DePue and I had the same feelings.

I had friends racing in Springfield and DePue and had considered going to one or both races. Our Signature Propeller company is building about 7,000 propellers a year. So, it is hard for me to leave our 16 emplpyees in the summer to go watch boat racing.

About 12-13 years ago Dave Bryan and I went to Whitney Point, NY for the Stock and Mod Nationals. We both realized that we knew less than 10% of the current racers.

So, I figured, I probably won't know more than 10-15 driver if I went to Springfield and DePue.

I watched my boatracingfacts.com section on Facebook and the only thing I found was "Live Action" for $29.00 for three months. ell, I knew the Nationals didn't last three months.

Someone posted 84 pictures from Depue and the next day 104 more pictures. The trouble is.....I didn't know one boat.

Springfield, posted some pictures and I recognized Lee Sutter, Dough Martin and maybe Fred Hauenstein.

Two weeks of racing, not one list of who won. Not one list of who ran in what class.

Craziest thing I ever saw....No one posted who was on first.

hen Ross put on the Enduro, he has Surf Rat TV for free, four hours of live racing.

I guess it doesn't matter as we have been in car racing for ten years and we aren't considering going back to boat racing.

Bud Wiget breaking the competition Record in his DeSilva. My favorite outboard runabout picture.