View Full Version : I Remember When Mercury Marine Supported Boat Racing

Ron Hill
08-05-2022, 02:38 PM
Now days and for the past 50 years Mercury Marine has used boat racing as a profit center. They have been able to pull off NON SUPPORT via politics, rule changes and groups like APBA taking Mercury's crap and smiling.

Mercury has always wanted to win, but they have always wanted to say who wins with a Mercury.

Here are two pictures from the OLD DAYS, 1955. 115 Mile Needles Marathon, winner, Ronnie Rima from Newport Beach, California win a new Mercury motor for winning the race.

Mark 20-H's in BU race their brains out for trophies with new GOLD Mercury motors. No support from Mercury! Buy a Mercury motor in 1955 and you can go racing and win trophies.