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Ron Hill
08-08-2022, 02:45 PM

https://www.umpba.org/rules-and-regulations/ (https://www.umpba.org/rules-and-regulations/)

An interesting Drag Racing Association!

Lake Racer = 65mph and under
Lake Racer 1 = 66-75mph
Lake Racer 2 = 76-85mph
Lake Racer 3 = 86-95mph
Lake Racer 4 = 96-105mph
Unlimited = 106+

Ron Hill
08-13-2022, 08:35 AM
I ran across this picture of Needles, 1961, and saw the Ski Jump. It has been out of the river since about 1964, but I was looking at the Drag Races in Wisconsin 8/22 and saw a ski jump in the river. Some places must not have much river traffic or maybe they think the people are smart enough to miss them. I also noted, no lights on the jump.

If they had a ski jump in the river now, I'll bet someone would hit it everyday.

Our new, 225 foot water front lot is 4 blocks down the river from where this picture was taken.