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Ron Hill
08-13-2022, 08:40 AM
I was just thinking about my friends, the Hauensteins!

When OLD FRED passed, 2006, it was more than 16 years ago.

A very nice service for Fred today. I guess I never really knew how many people around Kingsburg he'd helped.....As Fred was a humble man and would never brag about helping others...

I'd like to thank Francis, Freddy, Linda, Danny and Donny for their kind words today...After I'd collected my composure, I realized that my dad had died just three weeks before Jim Hauenstein was killed...The last time I was in a Church near Kingsburg was for Jimmy's funeral....

Several people stood up and told of Fred giving people a tank of gas, a Chilli Size, and $20. Then telling them good luck! Several stood up and said they were one of those people.

All day long I kept thinking of how my dad and old Fred were really good friends...and how good of a friend Jimmy really was to me.....

Fred made a great talk about his memories of his dad....Many of his memories were much like my boat racing memories of my dad....

Many of Fred Senior's stories always ended with, "Don't tell Francis." But most of us who knew the Hauenstein's knew Francis knew everything...There were some really cool family pictures on display, but I only took pictures of the boat racing.....and Fred's Cafe.....and Fred's airplane.

Fred Sr. and Fred Jr.