View Full Version : Bakersfield Nationals, 1960: Dave Christner

Ron Hill
01-09-2023, 01:17 PM
My dad was the motor inspector at the McKeesport, PA Nationals, 1957.

When he got home all he could do is RAV about how fast the Quincy Welding motors went.

I'm pretty sure Dave Christner won the first heat of "A" Hydro, legally changed motors between heats and won the second heat. My dad inspected both "A" motors.

The first heat motor was removed per my dad in the inspection area....My dad liked to follow the rules.

My father and O.. Christner became friends there and we friends for many years after.

I can see he was 1959 B Hydro National Champion.

After I broke a rod in my (Carl Meyers) Loop A, 1966, Dave tried to buy my prop, as I was a half a lap in front when the rod let go.