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05-31-2023, 09:47 AM
Hi all.

Thanks for admission to this site. A little about me:

My dad is JP Jones, brother to CW (Doc) Jones. I was, a pretty young kid, but remember
all the boat races we went to in Washington and Oregon, including the infamous "Slough Races".
Remember some of those races included water skiers. When I was 14, dad put me in a Stock A hydroplane and
we raced a lot in California. We lived in Phoenix at the time.
Later when we moved to Denver, he gave me the keys to his C-Service hydro and I managed to get 3rd Place at
the APBA Nationals on Casper Lake in 1964. That was my last race.

I plan to post on this thread as I remember things, and/or come across old pictures. Just need some time to read some of
the other threads hoping they will jog my memory..

Here's a question: Why did we always use a cotton rope to start those opposed firing 30 CI engines?

Ron Hill
05-31-2023, 01:06 PM
Old Alky motors frequently had a mind of their own. If they were right, they'd fire off with one pull. But sometimes they'd snap back or "kick back". Much better to break a cotton rope than a human finger or two.

06-02-2023, 11:07 AM