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01-08-2024, 01:03 PM
Working on converting Super 8 footage from the 70ís that was obtained from Jack Kirschnerís estate.
Most of it was filmed at races in the Northeast, but does feature some Lakeland footage and I am working on 16 reels from the 1972 Cedar Rapid Stock Nationals.

Hope to be able to collect more and put them online. If you have some old reels and would like them converted, please reach out.

Johnny Wlodarski


01-10-2024, 05:58 AM
Your hard work is much appreciated :)

01-10-2024, 01:26 PM
Good film! Those were the days, 'ey? I recognized several of the rigs at the Lakeland races, including Wayne Baldwin's. I think my dad was at the 71 or 72 Lakeland race, but didn't see his rig. I was in Vietnam at the time.