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02-22-2006, 01:54 PM
For those of you that ventured this side of the pond, you'll remember one of the Mighty Magyars from the 1980s & 90s, Laszlo Volenter. The varnished Danisch boat, Pepsi decal on the side and No. 25, the memories come flooding back.....seeing Laszlo and Manfred Loth, their boats riding at a 45 degree angle (yes, you read that right!), the Danischs just balancing, gently rocking from side to side on the rear end, was a sight to be seen

Laszlo doesn't get along to many of the race meetings any more but I bumped into him in Italy a few years ago and he was on good form. More recently, a friend was due to go skiing with him in December 2005 (with another Hungarian name from the past, Csepregi) but Laszlo couldn't make it as he was ill - just a cold & flu I believe

Photo source: http://thairacing.freeweb.hu/

02-26-2006, 12:06 PM
I had the pleasure of visiting Laszlo at his home in Baja, Hungary last year. I was going to the formula 125 in Szeged and needed a place to store my boat while Shirley and I toured Hungary the week before the race. Peer Krage called him to ask if he had room for the boat, which he did. He is a gracious host. He is a celebrity in Baja from his boat racing days and he and his wife operate a very popular restaurant there. I knew Laszlo back in the eighties when he was still racing. We traveled in a convoy together with other drivers going to the 500WC in Russia in 1987. The government would not let you travel alone. We all gathered at the border and had to wait for the police to escort us to Ternopole, where the race was held. That's another story!