View Full Version : Arizona Highways 1962

Ron Hill
05-15-2006, 02:22 PM
Found this old Arizona Highways Magazine, dated March 1962....Check out the picture of the Colorado River Marathon....

D-308-C was Everett Baggs from Dana Point, California...The BU getting on plane is Howard Thompson...(His helmet was white with a half diamond in the front in red...Pretty sure he won BU this year, which would have been 1961)...I didn't win DU in '61...Jimbo won BU in 1962 and I won DU.... Seems my string of wins lasted til the end of the marathon, about 1968...16 straight wins in DU..Could NOT have been good for the sport...

ADD: The man standing behind the 36 Rinabout is Tito Smith's dad...Only reason I know that, Tito has this same magazine and he told me that was his dad...

C-152-C was Kenny Wilson, and the Floated D-106-C was John Price of Blythe....I think.

Roy Hodges
05-15-2006, 07:45 PM
I'd bet my last Qt. of snake oil , that Jimbo didn't win in 1926. Come on , he didn't AGE that fast . I'd almost wager he won in 1 9 6 2 ?